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Sophía Vergara on Four Brothers

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:25 am    Post subject: Sophía Vergara on Four Brothers Reply with quote

John Singleton's movies are known for their strong male characters and equally strong women who put the men in their place when they have to. Slender in her black sweater, Sophía Vergara might not seem to match the type, but her looks hide a sharp wit and tough personality that is perfect for a John Singleton film.

Some people won't have heard of her yet. Though she's been working for in television and modeling in her native Colombia for several years, she's only just started to make the transition into acting in English-language American films. But that won't last long.

Like much of the Four Brothers cast, Sophía is arriving to the Toronto set half way through the day, scheduled to shoot her scenes in the afternoon. She sat down with us shortly before heading to wardrobe and make-up.

"Hello," she says with a strong Colombian accent.

Q: How has your life changed in the last year?
Vergara: It's been more or less the same. I'm living in L.A. It's great.

Q: Talk about the weather here. You live in L.A. and your from Colombia, what was it like being in Canada?
Vergara: It was horrible. I'm not used to carrying the jacket and the gloves and the scarf and I was leaving everything in the car and it was horrible. Now it's good. I've gotten used to it. It's been three months, but I've been going back and forth to L.A. every chance.

Q: Is your son with you here or is he back in L.A?
Vergara: He's in L.A. He was with me here, but that's because it was spring break. And no he's back. He's back in school.

Q: Why the change of coloring? [She died her hair brunette from its natural blonde]
Vergara: Blonde - people didn't know I was Latin. Before it was like, something doesn't match. Her accent but she's blonde, something's going on. And I've been getting more jobs now, so I'm going to keep it.

Q: What attracted you to this project?
Vergara: John Singleton first. And then the story's great and then the cast. It was perfect, I loved it. I would have paid to do this.

Q: This character is Latin?
Vergara: Yes of course, because I have this accent I can't remove, so it's Latin. It's not established where I'm from, but she's Latin.

Q: What's it like working with Tyrese? We've been told you have more scenes with him than the rest of the cast.
Vergara: Yes. It was great because - we have sex scenes, romantic scenes. At the beginning I was a little bit nervous, but then I realized the day of it that he was more nervous than me. So it was cool. We did it, we had a lot of fun.

Q: Talk about that scene. Was it not really a big deal or was it harder than you thought it was going to be?
Vergara: It's always hard because it's being intimate with someone you don't really have something - but when you have it like a regular scene, then it becomes like a job.

Q: You requested a closed set?
Vergara: Oh yes. I was not naked or anything but it's more comfortable.

Q: Are you going to let your son see the movie or is he going to have to wait a few years?
Vergara: Well, he's 13 so I guess he can watch. You know there's nothing bad in the movie that he can't watch. It's a romantic scene, you see a little bit of leg.

Q: Do you think it's weird for him to see his mom with a strange man?
Vergara: No, because I've been working for such a long time and he's knows it's a job.

Q: Does he advise you which roles to take?
Vergara: I always ask him 'what do you think?' He's involved a lot in movie making, he knows a lot about directors. I always ask him, do you know this director? He give me advice.

Q: Do you think he will follow your steps into being an actor?
Vergara: No, he wants to be a director. He's already reading scripts (laughs)

Q: Where is your focus now? Is it more domestic or is it still the Latin market?
Vergara: Well the Latin market's my home, but it's television. So it's different. I'm trying to do more movies here because I really enjoy it. I've been doing okay; I've been really lucky. I have three movies coming out this year.

Q: And they are?
Vergara: "Four Brothers," "Grilled" with Ray Ramon, Kevin James, Burt Reynolds, and I had a small part in "Lords of Dogtown" with Heath Ledger.

Q: The last time we talked at Soul Plane, you said you were going after more meaty roles, is this a natural progression for you? Is this where you want to be right now?
Vergara: Yes. Little by little. It's perfect because I've been doing more comedy and this is serious so it's like a change. It's a big role, but I'm not the main character of the movie. So it's great. I'm learning little by little, and I think that's the way to do it.

Q: How much did you know about John Singleton before?
Vergara: I've seen his movies, I knew who he was, so I was very excited to be able to work with him.

Q: How was it, working with him?
Vergara: It's been great. For the character it's been great because John knows a lot about Latin women. (laughs) He's been very specific about what he wants from the character and so that's been great for me.

Q: Can you describe your character a little bit?
Vergara: My character, she's very, very - I think she gives a little bit of a flavor to the movie because she's very passionate, very intense, a little crazy. She's always full of life. Very interesting to watch her, the fun things she can do in the movie.

Q: What's the relationship with the brothers?
Vergara: I'm one of the girl friends of the brothers. More specifically with Tyrese, with Angel.

Q: This movie has a lot of men in it and a lot of men with big personalities. Did you ever have to fight to keep yourself in the scene and in the movie and not get crowded by them?
Vergara: No because my character is as big as them. She's always fighting against Bobby - Mark. Standing up to them. She's crazy.

Q: American actresses talk about how it's so hard to find really good roles. Do you find an additional obstacle being foreign?
Vergara: Imagine if they think that, trying to find a job with an accent! (laughs) That's why some girls like Salma Hayek have to create their own movies. Because of course it's hard. But it's getting better and better. It's the reality. In the United States right now the big minority is Latin people. So Hollywood has understood that. To make it real they have to include black people, white people, Latin people. Because that's what the United States is like, that's what the world is like.

Q: If you could follow Salma Hayek's footsteps and develop your own property, what would it be?
Vergara: I don't know yet. I'm just learning. I've been here for three years trying to pursue acting, so I don't want to burn myself doing something else. I just want to get better roles and work with great actors and be able to learn. I'm playing it by ear; I really don't have any acting training. I'm taking it little by little.

Then she's off to wardrobe, to prepare for her scene dealing with the Mercer family. With several projects coming out this year, however, don't expect her to be gone for long. Paramount Pictures will release Four Brothers on August 12.
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