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Tommy Florida

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2002 4:54 pm    Post subject: BBALL DIARIES Reply with quote

I have watched The Basketball Diaries ALOT. I think it is an awesome movie. It is the first movie for Markie to be in that was like, a serious acting movie.

Although Leo had the lead part, Mark played an INTENSE supporting role.

I love the beginning of the movie the best. When Jim is writing in his diary, having fun with his friends and playing great basketball.

As time goes on though, the movie just gets more and more sad. It's like a downhill roller coaster ride that won't stop until it reaches THE BOTTOM. Alot like Boogie Nights.

One of my favorite scenes is where Jim is in one of his drug trip dreams and has the dream about walking into his school and blowing away the teacher and several students with his shotgun. Although Jim was the main person in this scene one memorable Mark thing in this scene is when Mark is smiling soo big and wide while Jim is blowing everyone away. LOL, that was just too funny.

In fact this movie, though meant to be mostly serious DRAMA, has ALOT of scenes that ended up as being funny. Like the scene where Mark gets hit in the head with the basketball. That was just hillarious.

Another funny scene with Marky is where they boys are in McDonalds after winning a basketball game. Swifty comes in to pay for the lunch and he see's that they ordered soo much food and he gets mad. But Marky says "Growing boys are hungry mother f--kers". LOL, that was just really funny too. Another funny Marky scene is in the beginning of the movie when Jim is getting beat by the teacher and then the boys go out in the hallway and one of Jims friends, Pedro asks Jim "Does it hurt" And Marky says something like "Do you wanna rub it for him" Or something like that.

What a great movie though, really. I also think younger people should be allowed to see it because it's like, what a great lesson. It's like, sooo much better then just sitting down with your kids and saying hey, drugs are bad. If you let them see this movie it's a much stronger message.

I'll always love this movie and have it as one of my top 10 favorite films.

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